by Bridget M.

Hissing and spitting back at us. The boiling water churned. The dawn began to rise behind

the dark trees. White steam crawled out of the vintage pot. Floating

upward to join the other innocent white wisps in the sky.

Brisk sunlight pierced through the space between the trees, with no marth.

There was no circle in the sky to call the sun just yet, only the explosion

of its light across our horizon.

Waking up the campers, bears, birds

and insects who weren’t quite aware the day had begun.

The snug black North Face jacket rubbed beneath…

I am a plant-lover, personal trainer working toward certification, foodie and overall just a regular gal. Over the years I have struggled with finding my passions and finding where I want to put my energy. Especially before heading off to college. I always dreamed of working in the health field, as a physician assistant or physical therapist — but I engraved doubt in my young brain and fell back on my comfortable skill. I study media and writing. The thought of working in wellness still lingered in my mind, and last year I sparked my interest in the area again.

Honest Health with Bridget

Here to help guide people through the overwhelming world of influencers in lifestyle and fitness and find OUR own styles.

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